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Volvo teadaanne saadaolevatest tarkvarauuendustest ja teenustest - 1. november 2022.a

Content is applicable for XC40 PHEV for all markets

· Solution to a problem when charging cable doesn’t unlock after charging.

In cars apps

· Bug fixes and improvements in the Spotify and TuneIn apps.

Updates for iCUP XC60, S90/V90/V90CC, S90L, S60, V60, XC90 (V2.4):

· Minor graphics update of the trip meter menu in the driver display.

· Solution to a false “Service Required” message related to Parking Assistance (PAS).

· Calibration of ready to drive notifications to reduce false notifications from the function when using Pilot Assist.

· For vehicles with head-up displays, the Distance Alert notification has been adjusted to reduce possible flickering when shown.

· Driver support functionality improvements to reduce instances of unnecessary deceleration.

· Minor improvements in the internal light functionality.

· Drivetrain optimisation adjustments.

PHEV specific:

· Improved accuracy in estimated charging time.

· Improved charging cable locking functionality.

· Drivetrain optimisation adjustments LR PHEV.

· Drivetrain optimisation adjustments SR PHEV.

Updates for iCUP XC40 BEV, C40, XC40 Mild hybrids (V2.4):

· Improvements in the internal light functionality.

· Optimised interior light intensity.

· Drivetrain optimisation adjustments.

Updates for iCUP XC40 BEV, C40

· Increased heat pump utilisation in cold climates.

· General stability improvements for charging and scheduled charging. Applies to both AC and DC charging.

· Drivetrain optimisation adjustments.



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